adidas Women’s 5k Challenge FAQs

Is the adidas Women’s 5k Challenge a balloted event?
The adidas Women’s 5k Challenge is not balloted. It works on a first-come first-served basis. Once you have paid and it has been accepted you will have a place. You will know it has been accepted if you receive an email from WorldPay to confirm that your transaction has gone through.

Do charities have places if the event has closed?
Yes, there are a number of charities that have places. Click here to find out more. You will have to ask the charities individually to find out which ones still have places left.

When entering an event can I nominate any charity that I wish to receive £5 from my entry fee?
Yes, you may add a charity which is not listed in either of the drop down boxes on the online entry. If you apply via the postal entry forms, you can also add the charity of your choice.

Can I walk the 5k distance in the race or do I have to run?
The pace at which you complete the event is completely your choice, from walking to running.

Can my child participate in the event with me?
Yes they can, but all children need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no lower age limit.

Where and what time do the events take place?
The provisional starting times and locations of the event are as follows;
London Hyde Park at 11am

How do I find out about getting refund?
All places are non-transferable and not refundable, with the acceptance of it you have double-booked the same person by accident. If you have made a double payment by mistake or have entered the wrong event please call the help desk on 0207 902 0200.

Who do I call to find out about the charity sponsor forms? Are they sent out by the charities automatically?
Sponsor forms are sent out directly by your chosen charity and not by the organisers of the event. Only the charities in the first drop-down box have been notified of your interest to raise funds for them. (If you selected a charity from the second drop-down list when you entered online, you will have to contact that charity directly if you would like a sponsorship form from them).

Where can I find a postal entry form?
Postal entry forms can be downloaded on the first page of the online entry section. Click here for more

My payment was processed by a company called WP Naked Group?
This was due to a glitch with our provider’s system which has now been rectified. If WP Naked shows on your account, do not worry as this will not alter the fact that you have paid and have a place.

For all other questions and queries regarding the event please contact the help desk on 020 7902 0200.