Get Interactive

To get the most out of your adidas Woman's Challenge training you'll want to have a helping hand from those who know what your going through, so why not use our range of interactive features? You can use our special Route Planner to map out your training routes, set up a blog to record your progress every day so your friends and family can be kept up to date, and chat all things running in the adidas Women's Challenge forum.

Plan your Route

Use the Route Planner to plan and plot all your training runs, the route planner maps your favourite runs, and stores them for you, and allows you to share with friends and family. You can also find routes stored, and even add photo's of the routes your doing! This tool uses specially detailed maps and satellite images. Click here to start mapping your routes.

Chat in the Forum

Get chatting in the forum! In the forum you can ask questions about training, injuries, race day preparation or anything else you like with other people running in the Women's Challenge. Click here to start chatting in the forum's.

Start a training Blog

Why not keep an online diary of your Women's Challenge training with a blog? Blogs are a great way to update your friends and family, and complete strangers on your thoughts and ideas of all things running. Click here to set up your blog on