Training blogs

We have partnered up with our friends at to bring you adidas Women’s 5K Challenge training blogs. Blogs are online logs or diaries that users can set up free of charge.

Keeping a training log has many benefits:

  • They enable you to set out key goals and monitor your progress.
  • They give you the ability to record what works and what doesn't work.
  • And best of all... they are fantastic for your motivation.’s adidas Women’s 5K Challenge training blogs are designed to be easy to use and have the following features:

Add training information -
daily, weekly or whenever you like to record your running training.

adidas Women’s 5K Challenge community -
other runners will read your entries and comment on your experiences, ask you questions and make suggestions. And you can do the same to them!

Add your photos -
you can add photos of your routes, kit or whatever you like, to share with others.

Add your videos -
video clips can be added to the blogs that have been filmed on your mobile phone, video camera or a digital camera.

Comments -
can be added to every journal and you can delete the ones you don't appreciate.

Privacy -
people can't get your email unless you give it to them.

Subscribers -
automatically informs your subscribers (friends and family) when you add a new entry to your blog. (This facility is optional.)

Easy to use -
once you've used the site to get a feel for things, it's only a matter of a few clicks and a little typing to get your blog updated.

And all this is totally free!

Click here to set up your adidas Women’s 5K Challenge training blog!