Cross-training is not just about doing a variety of different activities - it's about learning new skills and training in a way that will prepare you best for your running too. Cross-training can also help to reduce the risks of injury. Finding alternative ways to work your system instead of pounding the road or the treadmill with continual high impact work on your joints, can help avoid monotony and boredom due to variety, tone your body as well as keeping it strong and flexible too.

Whatever your training level, it can help you get the results you want. Cross-training is for anyone!

  • It's important when you set up your programme for cross-training that you know what you're training for and your goal is to include a varied mix or aerobic and anaerobic activity. Why not bring cycling, swimming and indoor rowing into your programme?
  • It is important to strength train too. This helps to re-shape your body, aids weight loss, boosts your metabolic rate, helps to improve your posture and importantly helps to keep our bones strong and healthy.
  • Finally, how often do we forget to stretch? Be honest! It can take just a couple of minutes, yet so many runners miss out. With cross-training, we must include flexibility/stretch training too. It can have so many benefits. For example, it can help reduce the risk of injury, increase agility, balance, help relaxation and help stress release.

Combining cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility training helps us to achieve a proper balance, as these three points are the foundations for any effective fitness programme.

You work hard to stay fit. Now it's time to work smarter and get the best out of your training!