There are no hard and fast rules as to how to run, as everyone will have their own natural style, (some more unique than others!) however, here are a few pointers, which can help improve your performance.

  • Head - Look straight ahead. Focus on a point a few metres in front.
  • Body - Keep your body upright with your back straight. Try not to 'lean' even when running up hill.
  • Arms - Let your arms swing naturally and in rhythm with your legs and loosely cup your hands. Try not to bring your arms across your chest.
  • Feet - Naturally the ball of the foot lands first, heel a second later and the toes push off a fraction after that.

Without realising it most runners breathe in a 2/2 rhythmic ratio; they take two steps as they inhale and two more steps as they exhale - this can change though if the pace is faster or slower. Most runners tend to breathe through their nose and mouth but there are no set rules. If you find you have a different breathing pattern then don't alter it, it won't improve your running - remember breathing is very natural and you should do what comes naturally to you!